Cartoons: Bandaged from Head to Toe

When being wrapped up like a mummy is a little bit funny!

Man speaks to his bandaged friend in a hospital bed.

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Drenched man tells his hospital bound friend that he is lucky he doesn't have to walk outside in the rain.
“Boy, are you lucky you don’t have to go out on a night like this!”
Brant Parker
September 28, 1957


Man in bandages is tangled up in wires above his hospital bed.
“I sneezed.”
Johnny Hart
September 14, 1957



Woman reads her husbands injury report from the newspaper.
“Here it is. ‘Hunter wrestles bear in tent’…!”
September 8, 1956


Wife asks doctor when her husband will be able to finish working on their house.
“How long will it be before he can finish painting the roof?”
Bill Yates
September 7, 1957


Man asks his injured friend about his ill-fated vacation.
“How was the vacation?”
Geo Gately
July 6, 1957


A couple talks about the husbands injory.
“Try not to think about it.”
Carl Thomas
June 8, 1957


Wife wishes her injured husband a happy birthday.
“Happy Birthday.”
Joseph Zeis
May 4, 1957


Wife asks her injured husband if he would like to cancel an upcoming dental appointment.
“I suppose this means I’ll have to cancel your dental appointment.”
Joseph Zeis
April 27, 1957


Man speaks to an injured friend.
“After you told him to leave the premises, what did he do?”
Roy Wilson
November 17, 1956


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  1. These cartoons are very funny Post editors. Fran, you need to lighten up! My favorite cartoons are also the ones that are the most degrading and embarrassing too, because they are the funniest. I’m sure that’s why Bob likes those best as well and made good points. The men look dreadful because they’re really banged up and in the hospital. That’s kind of the whole point here!

    Mr. Knox, good points as well. Charles, you’ve got to be right about a lot of men having had accidents in the mid-’50s for them to be spoofed in cartoons. My guess is that these men tried to do things themselves they shouldn’t have, refused help, and had the accidents. I’m glad you found them funny too. Mike, that should help you see their timeless nature and that you didn’t have to ‘be there’. Keep up the good work, we need the laughs, and thank you.

  2. There must have been something in 1956/1957, when all these cartoons were published, that made so many men completely bandaged up. A lot of accidents I guess. Anyway, despite the comments, I found them funny. They reminded me of the last scene in the 1963 film “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”. My favorite was the one about the bear.

  3. People from different ages definitely look at the world through different perspectives.
    I guess ‘being there’ makes a big difference.

  4. Get real people! They are cartoons? Yes they are “extreme”situations, but nonetheless the humor is there. If you want to find fault, find it in the women that make the outrageous comments in regard to the patient.

  5. Why would The Saturday Evening Post run cartoons of such dreadfully looking men in hospital beds like this? I think they’re disturbing and make me feel uncomfortable. I don’t know whose more to blame, the editors in the 50’s or now! Why does Bob always find the ones that are the most degrading or embarrassing to be the funniest, time after time, aiding and abetting your choices?

  6. I’m always looking for the most degrading cartoon which is usually my favorite, but good grief Post editors; these are ALL degrading and brutal! I can’t do it! God: “Yes you can, now do so Robert!” ‘Well when you call me THAT…’

    #4’s (painting the roof) has to be the worst. Look at her facial expression as she says it, and her husband’s–bandaged head to toe. Terrible. And #6—‘try not to think about it’. Then #7 (happy birthday) & #8 (dental appointment).

    These wives I’m presuming must have felt their husbands got themselves into this predicament, thus no sympathy. Can you imagine the hospital/doctor’s bills?? I wonder if they got bills months later from doctors that ‘weren’t in the network’ but were there to flit in and out of the room with a Tylenol?!


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