Cartoons: Gentleman Caller

When your beau showed up in the 1950s, mom or dad wasn’t far behind!

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Girl's father meets her date at the door.
“Remember you? Why, are you something special?”
George Kesner
August 31, 1957


Teenage boy is tossed out of his girlfriend's home.
“Good night, Charles.”
Joseph Zeis
July 27, 1957


Mother uses a jack to tilt the couch so that her daughter would move closer to her boyfriend.
“Please, mother. I can handle this.”
May 25, 1957


Girl checking her date's heart rate.
“She’d have been married years ago if she wasn’t so darn particular.”
Bill Polvogt
May 4, 1957


Father takes flowers from his daughter's date.
“Really, you shouldn’t have.”
Reg Hider
April 13, 1957


Teenager boy throws his coat onto his date's father.
“I can’t wait to meet your father, Harriet.”
Walter Goldstein
March 2, 1957


Girl's father tells her date that she went out with somebody else.
“She went out with the other clown tonight.”
John Gallagher
February 9, 1957
“Mary Lou tells me you’re with the circus.”
Herb Green
December 8, 1956

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  1. I agree with Sharon the cartoons were funny, but disapprove of what Bob pulled with the police officer. I can’t quite put my finger on anything specific. It wasn’t really bribery, but kind of was, somehow. Knowing the officer liked the covers, he created an attractive picture in the officer’s mind using charm, smiling, handing him the copies! All the while letting the officer think they were Rockwell’s when they weren’t. If that wasn’t a violation of the law, it certainly was an unethical sleight of hand regardless. He’s a little too smooth if you ask me. Shameful stunt.

  2. Love these! Cartoons about everyday life of Americans are so much fun. I was in high school in the late 50’s and can really relate to some of these. Looking forward to more in future issues.

  3. More wonderful selections this week. #2, without question, is my favorite of this group! All the others are so good though, I can’t rate them otherwise. I liked how you grouped #7 and 8, with a clown reference, then an actual clown!

    I have the 7/13 and 7/20/57 issues of the Post, when I was coming up to 2 months old (bought in the ’90s). The latter was ‘Putting on the Bridle’ by George Hughes, a real favorite. Anyway, I’d just made Xerox copies of that one and 2 others by Dick Sargent and Kurt Ard still in the Office Max bag.

    I took them out of the bag when I got pulled over by a motorcycle cop that time (2012) for an illegal U-turn he caught me making, and saw me looking at the ‘Bridle’ cover in the parking lot. I apologized for the turn and handed him my license. I said “Aren’t they beautiful?” He agreed and said he loves Norman Rockwell, and so do his parents. I said I do too, and so did my my parents with a slight laugh, nod and smile, letting him see all 3. I rolled them together with a rubber band and to picture them framed, hanging on his walls at home as I was handing him the covers. He asked if I was sure, and I said “yes” smiling. I was then let off with a warning, as he happily rode off.


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