Norman Rockwell Visits a Country Editor

In this feature from 1946, Norman Rockwell illustrated the detailed inner workings of a small-town weekly paper.

U.S. Navy serviceman flirts with a copyeditor at a small town paper

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When Norman Rockwell set out from his Vermont studio to look for a typical old-style country editor, he was almost fated to find his way to the weekly-newspaper office of Jack Blanton, in Paris, Missouri.

In this four-page spread from May 25, 1946, Rockwell illustrates the daily bustle of a small-town paper, from typing up the latest events to setting the linotype on the printing press. So much has changed in the news business, so it’s especially poignant that Rockwell was able to capture the smallest details of a bygone era.

As with many of his illustrations, Rockwell managed to paint himself into the picture. Can you find him?

The first page of the Post article "Norman Rockwell Visits a Country Editor"
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  1. Interesting feature Rockwell did on what was basically a bygone era even then, with the main color 2 pages, and the more detailed following 2 that went into specific details with the 8 black and white illustrations. He was easy to find on page 2 in front of the door, trademark pipe and all.


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