Movies for the Rest of Us with Bill Newcott: Boris Karloff — The Man Behind the Monster

Boris Karloff was much like the monster he played — assembled from decades of hard work and experimentation. Bill Newcott looks at Karloff's long career and the new documentary about this life, "Boris Karloff — The Man Behind the Monster."

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Featured image: Boris Karloff and Marilyn Harris in Frankenstein (Universal Pictures)

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  1. I think I first saw Boris Karloff as the host of the anthology series, Thriller. I hadn’t even seen Frankenstein by then. But even the name Boris Karloff sounded scary to me!

  2. I would definitely like to see this film, Bill. Karloff is a fascinating actor spanning several decades and eras. I have to wonder if he ever saw any of the 1968 ‘Adam’ episodes of ‘Dark Shadows’ featuring a Frankenstein-like man-made ‘monster’ who was child-like, for awhile. Dan Curtis borrowed whatever would work for what he had in mind.


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