Movies for the Rest of Us with Bill Newcott: 5 Silent Movies Everybody Can Love

Anyone who claims to be a movie fan must see these 5 silent movie gems.

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  1. One of THE best film segments you’ve ever done, Bill! There’s nothing like the silents and the early ones with sound. I’d love you to do an equivalent feature on the pre-code films of the early 30’s, with some good examples as to why they were considered naughty, risque, etc. Also a feature on Clara Bow’s silent films would be womderful. She’s still the “It Girl” to this day, just like “The 20’s” still mean the 1920’s.

    I noticed in some instances in the selections here today, the “color” of the 1910’s and 20’s (before color) is about the same as the non-color color in today’s films. Isn’t that interesting? Mmm hmm. Speaking of those, they’re the ones that are hopelessly archaic, irrelevant and above all, brain dead; not the films of a century ago.


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