Cartoons: Thanksgiving

Eat some pie and let the laughs fly!

Pilgrims realize that they used their belts to buckle their hats but not their pants.

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“We couldn’t afford turkey this year.”
George Crenshaw
November 24, 1956


Table legs from the upstairs neighbor's apartment sticks through the ceiling.
“Boy, she set a real old-fashioned Thanksgiving table!”
Don Tobin
November 23, 1946


“Look, let’s put everything down and start all over again.”
Martin Giuffre
November 3, 1951


News anchor begins an interview with a turkey during a Thanksgiving broadcast.
“Now, for a different opinion on the issue, let’s turn to our next guest…”
Bradford Veley
November 1, 1988


Pilgrims struggle to keep their pants up.
“So whose dumb idea was it to wear our belts on our hats, anyway?”
Pat Hardin
November 1988


Pilgrims and native Americans share Thanksgiving dinner.
“We ought to do this again, next year.”
Jerry Marcus
November 29, 1958


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  1. the cartoon where everyone is passing the food is so funny, and very true. reminds me of nearly every family or family and friends holiday dinner I have ever been too, where there were about 10 or more people. even when the hosts would put enough of the same foods on either end, something was bound to get mixed up!

  2. No comments on your Thanksgiving Illustration Archives, so I’ll post this unasked for suggestion here: How about a real contemporary update of Rockwell’s “Freedom From Want?” Sme room, same table, same platter and even tablecloth but with the present-day descendants of the original characters; the older versions of the kids at the table and some new family. And at least one kid on a mobile device. If I was an artist I wouldn’t tell you this idea I’d do it myself!

  3. Number 3 is my favorite of this batch. The only smart thing to do here IS put everything back down and start over.

    Number 2 is just cringe-worthy. The bottom of that early American table (above) is on the floor. Could that floor just give way? Never mind, forget I said it.

    Number 1 is more sad than funny. Now you guys be nice! Put yourselves it their position. Ham, with that awkward section of fat running down the middle? That had to be embarrassing, especially in the mid-50’s. Life today is sooo degrading I can’t imagine my parents, much less grandparents facing what my friends and I face everyday. I was talking with someone earlier tonight how businesses don’t answer their phones during business hours. Not even the machine coming on. Just one example.

    Oh! How about being told (when your premium is current) at your doctor’s office appointment time, nonchalantly, your visit will be $788 (YES!!) and not the $15 co-payment. You have to get out your Healthnet card with the teeny numbers that require a magnifying glass, call them up, fortunately reach a rep, have them tell you you’re current, then having to ask them to tell the office person there you’re current (handing them your phone) and good to go? I had to do that last month.


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