The History of The Saturday Evening Post, Part 8: Our Magazine Meets the 21st Century

The survival of The Saturday Evening Post hinged on an unexpected decision from an Indianapolis businessman.

Portion of a Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post cover, "The Golden Rule"

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  1. When I saw the Saturday evening post being brought back I was thrilled. Growing up this was one of the Magazines we had in our house which I loved. Now it is back in our house I had I just love it. Keep up the good work four there are many people like me.

  2. Excellent new video bringing the history of the Post up to the present. Of course it was sad that the Post was shut down in early 1969, but it had to. The bottom line was it was no longer economically sustainable. Neither were LIFE and Look magazine for many of the same reasons, and they too would both be gone within the next 4 years.

    Mr. SerVaas was the right man at the right time to revive the Post, reformulated for the long haul to bypass the pot holes the old version had to fight. He took it out of that toxic arena. The timing of the revival was perfect. Bringing it back in its unique look and format (yet completely fresh for the 70’s) was the right move too. It re-established it AS The Saturday Evening Post once again which was important following the forced, various formats due to the difficulties thrust upon it in the 60’s.

    When the time came for another fresh start in the early 21st century, Joan SerVaas did a gradual easing transition between 2009-2012, blending the fresh with the familiar. The general-interest format was back, with something for everyone. The new debut issue (Jan./Feb. 2013) featured a fun, unique illustration of a ‘celestial’ Shirley MacLaine, flying saucer teacup and all!

    In the 9 years since, the magazine has just gotten better and better, with features you won’t find anywhere else. The Post accentuates the positive; for people, animals the environment and more. It’s there when you want to have some non-electronic quiet time for yourself to learn new things while relaxing. You feel calmer, happier and smarter afterwards. We need that more than ever in these scary, difficult times.

    So Joan, I want to thank you and your staff for continuing the tradition re-started by your father in 1971, and taking it to even higher heights over this past decade. You’re on a roll, so I say keep on rolling!


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