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Members get access to our complete online archive, and we’re here to help you navigate it! Archivist Jeff Nilsson walks you through some of the things you’ll find in our 200 years of magazine issues.

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Saturday Evening Post members get access to our complete online archive, but where’s the good stuff? In our “Guide to the Archive” series, we’ll help you find it! Watch this short video to learn what you might unearth in our 200 years of history.

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  1. It sounds like you’ve got some good helpful guidance in the works, and this is a good time to start exploring the archives. Have to admit I’m practically brand new to them even though they’ve been here since about 2018, I think. A lot of time spent on all the new features, I need to toggle more between the two from now on.

    I had some challenges getting to them at first, but the perseverance paid off. I did NOT start with the 1950’s as perhaps I should have. Instead it was the 1890’s when my grandparents were born, and found this to be the most tumultuous decade of upheaval for the Post of the 200 year period. Either a lot of weeks of the (still) newspaper are missing, or were never published at all in various sections of the decade.

    A lot of logo experimentation during the decade until 1898 when it was beginning to become a magazine with the consistency it would have for the next 70 year run of the 20th. It’s interesting to see the evolution of the logo, and how it finally settled on the classic ‘curlicue’ look perfected around 1902 without further change until the 40’s.


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