Rockwell Video Minute: After the Prom

For this 1957 cover, Norman Rockwell painted a scene from that American institution, the junior prom.

Norman rockwell's paining "After the Prom"

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  1. Really interesting prep work Rockwell did here so it would be perfect, as always. I’ve seen this cover many times, and didn’t know it was the same diner he used in ‘The Runaway’ cover the following year. Also never looked at the man sitting to the left before. It’s subtle, but you see enough of his face to tell he’s enjoying the moment too. The date is one day before I was born which is a trip, and gives it an extra sentimental value to me.

    This is also one of his ‘standout’ covers of the 322. Coincidentally, the May 25, 1963 (Nasser) portrait cover was Rockwell’s last for the Post. I do have that issue, and the cover is striking. I also have the June 1, 1957 issue by Constantin Alajalov that tells a story in 9 sections, with a great feature on Jayne Mansfield. LIFE had a big feature on Marilyn that week, and I have that one too. I wish she had been on the cover instead of the satellite mirror, but oh well. This is why we best not judge a magazine or book by the cover.


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