Movies for the Rest of Us with Bill Newcott: Was Elvis the Actor Any Good?

Sure, Elvis could sing and dance, but could he actually act? Bill Newcott takes a look at Elvis’s many film performances.

Featured image: Elvis Presley in Charro! (National General Pictures)

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Featured image: Elvis Presley in Charro! (National General Pictures)

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  1. I saw a documentary that said he wanted to be a dramatic actor, most of his musicals made him sick to his stomach, but he did the best he could with the scripts he was given. My favorite Presley film is Jailhouse Rock. A rather slight plot about a once-trusting nice guy, who went to prison and learned to be cynical, and take care of himself. In the end, when he believes his singing career may be gone, and understands how badly he’s treated his two true friends, shows me that Elvis Presley knew how to act. When he’s in the hospital, unable to talk, his facial expression and a few hand gestures showed his repentance.

  2. Elvis didn’t have to be a great actor. He just had to be there and it went fine – nobody cared. I mean, it was Elvis! What else could be said then. We could call it the ‘Elvis Privilege.”


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