The Illustrious Lady Liberty

Through the years, Post artists have illustrated or photographed the many iterations of Lady Liberty. Here are a few of our favorites.

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Advertisement for the U.S. Navy
July 7, 1917


Cover by J.C. Leyendecker
March 2, 1918


Cover by J.C. Leyendecker
July 7, 1934


Illustration by Norman Rockwell for the short story “The Goddess and Private Gallagher” by Guy Gilpatric
October 11, 1941


Cover photograph by Ivan Dmitri
January 10, 1942


Airline industry advertisement
September 15, 1945


Cover by Norman Rockwell
July 6, 1946


Read the article ‘The Lady We Can’t Afford to Forget’ from the January 17, 1948 issue of The Saturday Evening Post


Cover by Pyle
November 1, 2011


Cover by J.J. Gould
February 20, 1904


Featured image: Detail of cover by J.J. Gould (SEPS)

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  1. They’re all wonderful in their own distinctive and unique ways. It’s hard to pick just one. My favorite is #3 down, the July 7, 1934 by Leyendecker. I remember getting the July/August ’86 issue when it was used again, but bought a newsstand copy to have one without the address label, it was so spectacular. It did have the bar code, but was the lesser of two evils. Now I’d be happy with the smaller labels of back then. They’re so big on every magazine now.

    #5 down by (Ivan Dmitri) though a photo, looks like a painting; to me anyway. Usually it’s the other way around, when the art looks like photography as seen on some of Rockwell’s covers from the 50’s. Thanks for this feature!


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