Movies for the Rest of Us with Bill Newcott: Cinema of the Civil War

The Civil War has always provided filmmakers with a powerful canvas on which to paint stories of human adventure, tragedy, and heartbreak. Here are some of the most memorable movies of the War Between the States.

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  1. Red Badge of Courage. is my favorite Civil War film. The actor Audie Murphy, “saw the elephant” in WWII…. “Seeing the elephant”, was Civil War speak for soldiers on both sides, who had faced and been in combat. Audie, certainly saw combat in WWII and had a Medal of Honor to show his exceptional level of service…. In the Red Badge, he brings the utter fear, shame, and pride of being a young private and combat vet. to the screen. There is a very powerful scene of him as a Union color bearer watching the death of a Confederate color bearer. It will tear your heart out. It did me.

  2. “Glory” and “Lincoln” are my favorites. I will check out “A Time Out of War” on YouTube, and just might mosey over to Lexington (I’m in Hartwood) for a visit this fall. Thank you!


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