The Most Popular New Fiction of 2022

We published more than 50 brilliant short stories this year. Here are the ten most popular.


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1. Ruby of Hesperia

By Max Talley

A new name and a new life, but the lies may go deeper than he thought … and they’re not all his.


2. The Midway

By L. Mack

Blind dates can go bad, but not usually this bad — or this well.


3. Misquoting T.S. Eliot

By Pamela McFarland

Our third runner-up in the 2022 Great American Fiction Contest: At 60, Evelyn is stuck in the past. Is it too late to open her heart?


4. My Brother’s Keeper

By Veronica Leigh

A young boy’s brother returns from the war — or does he?


5. Francine

By Ginger Dehlinger

First runner-up in the 2022 Great American Fiction Contest.


6. Too Far from Shore

By Sarah Schiff

An off-the-grid family at sea clashes with Mother Nature. Can the family survive both the storm and what comes after?


7. Leaving Trout Lake

By Lily Parker

She didn’t want to be there. She didn’t want to be here. She just wanted to be somewhere else.


8. A Consent (1908)

By Wendell Berry

Will farmer Ptolemy Proudfoot muster the nerve to court the local school teacher, Miss Minnie?


9. Famous People

By Mark Jacobs

Aunt Elodie wanted to leave something of herself behind for prosperity. Problem is, she didn’t know what “it” was.


10. We Suckle

By Timothy G. Huguenin

There’s something evil in the root cellar. If only they could remember what it is.


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