100 Years Ago: Dealing the Perfect Hand in the Wild West

An anonymous professional gambler in the Wild West described many subtle tricks he’d seen players use to cheat, but he also recalled a trick played in plain sight.

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—From “Playing the Gold Camps,” by Anonymous from the July 7, 1923, issue of the Post

During the quarrel I saw Dunn reach over, pick up the deck and, in full view of players and spectators, leisurely sort out five cards. He then shoved the deck to one side, spread four sixes and a deuce face up on the table, and said, “I don’t see where you fellows have any argument coming when I hold the best hand myself.”

The foreigner craned his neck, and his eyes bulged as he exclaimed, “What? Four sixes? Why you not show them before?”

“Oh, I just wanted to hear you fellows argue,” Dunn replied.

“Well, you win de pot. Why don’t you take it?”

Dunn had originally made the play only as a joke, but when the foreigner said take it, he did, and kept it.


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