Cartoons: A Dog’s Life

These doggone funny cartoons will have you rolling over and begging for more!

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Man and his dog in a vet's office. The dog has his hand over his forehead in a melodramatic manner.
“Sir, are you implying that my dog is a hypochondriac?”
Bill Yates
January 07, 1956


A friendly dog has her legs on a woman's lap
“Just tell him you don’t care for dead squirrels, Mrs. Goulard.”
Linda Walter
December 18, 1943


A man and his dog walk near a beware of dog sign
Bob Scharty
December 28, 1957


A dog sits across from his owner at a dinner table.
“If I were you I’d do something for that throat, dear.”
January 04, 1958


A dog and her owner on a walk
Henry Syverson
December 21, 1963


Two boys stand close to a large dog, roughly the same height as they.
“He can’t sit up or heel, but he can turn on the television and open the refrigerator!”
Randy Glasbergen


A dog sits in a recliner, with the foot rest out.
“I tried to teach him to sit. He learned to recline.”
Roy Delgado
May 1, 2011


Two dogs drinking martinis at a bar
“I majored in obedience at school, but then never pursued it.”
January 1, 2013

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  1. Hi,
    I enjoyes the dog cartoons….how about some kitty ones? I love doggies, but happen to currently am the proud Mother of two 5 year old cats. They are the pleasure of every day !
    Suzanne Dilthey


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