Cartoons: Law and Order

Getting pulled over or landing in court is usually no laughing matter, but these cartoonists find the comical in cops and courtrooms.


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Getting pulled over or landing in court is usually no laughing matter, but these cartoonists find the comical in cops and courtrooms.

“I left my license at traffic court.”
March 1, 1997 


“Organ-donor card expired…”
April 1, 2004 


“You can see my driver’s license after you see my pictures of my grandchildren.”
September 1, 2007 


“He wears a speedo?
Divorce granted!”
January 1, 2011 


“And, like a fool, I said, ‘So sue me.'”
May 1, 2011 


“Sometimes I wear this in court. It’s my frivolous law suit.”
May 1, 2012 


“Wouldn’t it be more dramatic if i fibbed a little so you could wring the truth out of me?”


“We, the jury, find the defendant, my son, not guilty.”
July 1, 1994 

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  1. I actually enjoyed all of your cartoons. Have been a subscriber for many, many years. The first thing I do upon receiving an issue is to flip through to see the cartoons. They make my day !

  2. As Brit visitors to the USA, we, my wife and I, had two amusing Police pulls, during the first stop I had gone through a speed trap and was caught speeding by 8MPH, whilst the Officer had his pad out ready to give me a ticket he heard over his radio a “Calling all cars, Emergency call” informing him a robbery was in progress just a few hundred yards away from us, he had to respond to it so speed off to investigate with no ticket being issued. The second stop was on the Oregon and California border. I was pulled in and the Officer asked me did we have any food, fruit or oranges in the car, we told him we hadn’t so he told us to move on, we had gone a few hundred yards when I remembered I had a bar of chocolate in the glove compartment so we turned around and drove back to him to give him this bar of chocolate to eat, he asked us why we had done this so we explained that we felt sorry for him because he was hungry and was begging for food from passing motorists, how where we know to know that it was a routine California border patrol officer on the lookout for illegal food or fruit items being taken into California against the agricultural rules! “It could happen only in America.”

  3. These are all such great cartoons, I don’t have a ‘favorite’ in this group. I have to share with you how the POST got me out of getting a moving violation traffic ticket in March 2012; seriously!

    Being an animal lover (especially dogs and horses) I’d made a color Xerox of two favorite POST horse covers, the 6/20/42 and the 7/20/57 the day before. The magazines were safely in my home, but the copies were still in the car!

    I’d made an illegal u-turn not realizing a motorcycle cop saw it, and I immediately pulled into the parking lot for him, was very nice, humble, apologetic etc. regarding it.

    In the 30 seconds before he walked up to me, I had my drivers license and proof of insurance ready, AND I had both POST covers out in full view from the Office Depot bag. He seemed VERY interested in them, and I capitalized on that in a slight-of-hand way that couldn’t seem like it, and didn’t. He had just checked my license and current proof of insurance.

    I said “aren’t they just beautiful”?! He noticed the date on the ’57 cover and said “you were only two months old when this one came out” and I said “I know, isn’t THAT something!” Then he said “15 cents too” and I said “now that makes me feel old officer (with a laugh), but look how modern it looks otherwise!”.

    He said his parents had a subscription to it back then, and how they loved “these” Norman Rockwell covers. NOT telling him “these” weren’t Rockwell’s (!!) I said “isn’t he just the best”?! Then I added, “you know what, these are extra copies; I’d like you to have them.” “I bet you can already picture them on your walls at home right now, I know they’re going up on mine!”

    I put them back in their bag and handed them to the officer. He thanked me for them, said it made his day, and that he was going to let me off with a warning. (He hadn’t taken out the pad for any writing, so I wasn’t completely surprised.) I said “no, thank YOU officer; you didn’t have to do this, and I’m very grateful”!

    I then told him the POST is still around today, it’s a bimonthly, and it’s fantastic. He had no idea it was still published, and I said, yeah I know, a lot of people don’t. Just look it up online and take it from there, then look forward to your first issue! Smiling, he said he would, started up the motorcycle and took off. The End.


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