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Catch up on the latest at The Saturday Evening Post with our Week in Review. This week we talk about Stan Lee, conversations for Thanksgiving dinner, and everyone's favorite breakfast cereal beverage.

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Catch up on the latest at The Saturday Evening Post with our Week in Review. Each week The Saturday Evening Post staff brings you up to date on the latest news from America’s oldest magazine.

This week’s topics include:

Remembering Stan Lee: The man born Stanley Martin Lieber, known around the world as Stan Lee, died Monday morning in Los Angeles.

10 Other Topics for Thanksgiving Dinner: They say you should never talk about politics and religion at holiday dinners. We agree. That’s why we’ve provided a list of other conversational options.

Abandoned Brands Finding New Life: Postum was a powdered breakfast drink that billed itself as a healthy alternative to coffee. After being discontinued in 2007, a North Carolina couple is looking to breathe new life into the long forgotten brand.  

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