The Most Popular Cartoons of 2021

Here are your favorite cartoon sets of 2021.

Bartender uses a mask on the back of his head to fool the drunk into thinking he is talking directl to him.y

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1. Thanksgiving

Pilgrims realize that they used their belts to buckle their hats but not their pants.

Eat some pie and let the laughs fly!

2. Living a Dog’s Life

Dog chewed up newspaper

These are for the dogs.

3. Baseball Banter

Baseball player speaks to fans during a baseball game.

We hit it out of the park!

4. Bar None

Bartender has a smiling mask at the back of his head. It fools the talkative drunk into thinking he is talking to him.

Belly up to the bar.

5. Insomnia

Anxious man gets up in the middle of the night.

There’s plenty to lose sleep over these days, but we hope our insomnia cartoons brighten your day.

6. Church Chuckles

Church deacon wrestles a donation plate from a parishioner

Liturgical laughs!

7. Graduation Giggles

Mother bragging about her college grad son

Mirth under the mortarboard.

8. That’s Snow Funny

Two men wait for a bus during a snow storm.

They won’t leave you cold!

9. You’re Fired!

Man getting fired from his job.

If you’ve ever been axed, pink-slipped, canned, discharged, laid off, or let go.

10. Old School

Kid writes "I will not repeat myself" repeatedly on the chalkboard as punishment.

School has changed a lot over the years, but some jokes never go out of style.

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  1. The best chalkboard is the beginning of the Simpson with Bart at the chalkboard writing something about the episode!


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