Joanne Woodward, Star without an Image

"Sex is a state of mind."

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—From “Star Without an Image” by Lois Dickert, from the September 15, 1962, issue

Onscreen, Joanne Woodward is an honest faker. Her malleable features became the tools of her chameleon-like talent. “I can fake beauty or I can be plain as an old shoe,” Joanne says. “Sex is a state of mind. It has nothing to do with looks or clothes. Some of the ugliest women in the world are the sexiest. You can learn to be beautiful, but you can’t learn to be sexy. Either you’ve got it or you ain’t. I’m lucky to have a husband who thinks I’m a sexpot. When you live with that kind of thing long enough, you begin to believe it, and it radiates to everybody around you.”


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  1. Great feature on the gifted, wonderful Joanne Woodward, and a look at her life in 1962.

    There are many films she made I thought really stood out, but my two most favorites are ‘The 3 Faces of Eve’ and ‘No Down Payment’ both from 1957.


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