The Most Popular Articles of 2022

Pastrami, 1972, and weird places to spend the night make appearances in our list of the ten most popular articles of 2022. Enjoy!


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1. 5 Unintended Consequences of Photography

By Jeff Nilsson

Wikimedia Commons

Photographs were more than just pictures. While the inventors never intended more than to capture an image, the medium turned into a social force with far-reaching effects.

2. Con Watch: Be Aware of TSA PreCheck Scams

By Steve Weisman


TSA PreCheck can save you valuable minutes at the airport; just make sure that you’re visiting the legitimate website and not one created by scammers.

3. 10 Moments from 50 Years Ago that Touch Our Lives Today

By Troy Brownfield


From calculators to comics, 1972 showed a changing America.

4. In Search of the Perfect Pastrami

By Eric Seidman


How far would a displaced New Yorker go for the perfect pastrami sandwich?

5. The Most Frequently Banned Books

By Troy Brownfield


Which books inspire the most ire, and why?

6. The Birth of Outlaw Country

By Troy Brownfield

Wanted! The Outlaws album cover (©RCA/Sony Music Entertainment; photo by Troy Brownfield from private collection)

This is how a host of artists broke the unwritten rules of Nashville.

7. 13 Weird Places You Can Spend the Night

By Stephanie Citron

Shack-Up Inn, Clarksdale, Mississippi (Clarksdale Tourism)

Skip the cookie-cutter hotels and try something different for a one-of-a-kind experience.

8. Remembering Forgotten Foods

By Gay Haubner

Chocolate egg cream (Lkapit via the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license, Wikimedia Commons)

Lefse, fondue, egg creams, and ambrosia: Gay Haubner remembers the foods from her childhood that have since gone the way of the automat.

9. José Andrés and Food for All

By Irene Rawlings

World Central Kitchen/

After building a nationwide empire of award-winning restaurants, chef José Andrés turned his attention to feeding those hit by disaster.

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