Vintage Ads: Clean Those Teeth!

From Viv-O-Mint to Klenzo and Crest to Colgate, the makers of tooth brushes and tooth cleaners have been trying to convince people to buy their brands for well over a hundred years. Here are ads for tooth products going back to 1905.

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Pro-phy-lac-tic Tooth Brushes
August 12, 1905


Kleanwell Tooth Brushes
March 20, 1909


Rubberset Tooth Brush
September 7, 1912


Klenzo Tooth Brushes
June 13, 1914


Dr. Lyon’s for the Teeth: Powder-Cream
November 17, 1917


Viv-O-Mint Tooth Paste
October 9, 1920


A.D.S. Tooth Paste
June 18, 1921


Pebeco Tooth Paste
July 2, 1921


Chlor-E-Dixo Tooth Paste for an Acid Mouth
August 13, 1921


Acident Calcifying Tooth Paste
October 14, 1922


Pepsodent New-Day Dentifrice
November 18, 1922


Sanitol Tooth Paste and Liquid Antiseptic
March 31, 1923


Dr. West’s Tooth Brush
October 27, 1923


Albright Tooth Brush
February 2, 1924


Colgate’s Ribbon Dental Cream
February 2, 1924


Fuller Tooth Brush
January 1, 1927


Pebeco Tooth Paste
August 6, 1927


Listerine Tooth Paste
October 22, 1927


Tek by Johnson & Johnson Tooth Brush Plus Dental Floss
September 21, 1929


Forhan’s for the Gums
October 12, 1929


Ipana Tooth Paste
November 2, 1929


Calox Tooth Powder
October 19, 1935


Pepsodent Tooth Powder, Liquid, and Paste
September 30, 1939


Dr. West’s Miracle-Tuft
October 11, 1941


Colgate Chlorophyll Toothpaste
June 7, 1952


Gleem Toothpaste
October 22, 1955


Crest Toothpaste with Fluoristan
February 4, 1956


Phillips’ Tooth Paste
October 27, 1956


Listerine Antiseptic
June 29, 1957


Ipana Plus Dentifrice
February 7, 1959


General Electric Automatic Toothbrush
October 3, 1964


Crest Toothpaste
January 1, 1979


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  1. These ads really show the evolution of tooth brushes, paste, and the style of how they’re presented. Also what was emphasized at different times and what remained consistent. Fortunately it looks like Pepsodent and Ultra-Brite are available on Amazon, Gleem in strange black and white boxes and the more familiar looking box, but the latter is 1980’s vintage.

    Irium was/is apparently an older teeth whitening or ‘yellow removing’ ingredient. Ipana was discontinued in 1979 in the U.S. by Bristol-Myers, yet I see it (in regular boxes) for sale on various websites. The first time I ever saw Farrah Fawcett was in an Ultra-Brite ad, I think. Phillips’ Tooth Paste contained milk of magnesia; not quite certain why.

  2. Ipana and Gleem….What happened to those brands? I liked Ipana’s round dispenser. Some company should consider bringing that back. The same goes for Chlorphyl as an anti-halitosis ingredient in toothpaste. That should be brought back as well. Finally, does anyone know what Irium is? I saw that as an ingredient for Pepsodent products? Speaking of which, what happened to Pepsodent and Ultra Brite too? I really liked Ultra-Brite.

  3. Dear Editor:
    Nice to see that you mentioned “Rubberset Tooth Brush”.
    My uncle was Vice President of Sales for Rubberset Canada, and, sold everything from toothbrush, to wall paper
    brushes to railway bridge paint brushes, and, everything in between.
    Gord Young
    Peterboro Ontario


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