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The staffers at — where every purchase supports local bookstores — love finding the next great read. Bookshop’s own Steph Opitz thinks Post readers won’t want to miss these upcoming titles.


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Such Kindness

by Andre Dubus III

From the brain behind House of Sand and Fog comes a story about the price of redemption.

Between pain killers (after a fall on the job), an inability to work, and the tanking 2008 economy, Tom starts down a path he might not come back from.

All the Sinners Bleed

by S.A. Cosby

Soon after Titus Crown becomes the first Black sheriff in Charon County, Virginia, a high school shooting probe uncovers a murderous ring of white supremacists. Can he find the real truth in a county of rich, religious bigots?

Like the Appearance of Horses

by Andrew Krivak

Following the Vinich family from the end of WWI and into the 21st century, Krivak explores how a legacy of war can reverberate through a family.

Beware the Woman

by Megan Abbott

It should be a happy road trip, but instead, a pregnant Jacy and her husband Jed, on a visit to see Jed’s father, face a patronizing patriarch and the threat of family secrets coming to light.

Good Night, Irene

by Luis Alberto Urrea

Two women serving in the Red Cross during WWII face atrocity after atrocity together. They are suddenly separated, and Urrea explores whether all is really fair in love and war.


The Ghost Forest

by Greg King

A celebrated activist for the California redwoods holds nothing back in this indictment of the organizations to blame for cutting down almost the entire redwood forest in the name of economic growth.

Better Living through Birding

by Christian Cooper

In this deeply felt memoir, the gay Black man who, in a viral video, was harrassed by a white woman in Central Park after asking her to leash her dog shares how transformative birding has been in his life. He might just make a birder out of you.

Into the Amazon

by Larry Rohter

Not many people are familiar with Cândido Rondon, but in this captivating biography, the man Einstein nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for his advocacy for indigenous Brazilians and their land finally gets his due.

To Name the Bigger Lie

by Sarah Viren

A false anonymous accusation of sexual harassment nearly destroyed Viren and her partner. In this memoir, Viren unpacks the story, weaving in her experiences from high school to the present day.

Orwell: The New Life

by D.J. Taylor

Seventy-five years after its initial publication, Orwell’s 1984 still feels eerily ripe for reference. This new biography, relying on new sources and rigorous research, reintroduces Orwell in a modern context.


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