Top 10 Books for Steamy Summer Days

It's the perfect time of year for fiction from Liane Moriarty and Matt Haig, or thoughtful memoirs from Kenny G and Kelly Bishop.


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by Rumaan Alam

When Brooke takes a job for billionaire Asher Jaffe, she sees what money can do, and wants it. Brooke is the daughter Jaffe never had, but she imagines herself a protégé; tension builds as each vies for a different type of relationship.

A Reason to See You Again

by Jami Attenberg

When their father passes, the Cohen sisters and their mother seem rudderless and strike out in opposite directions. Spanning 40 years, this moving saga asks if love can heal brokenness.

Here One Moment

by Liane Moriarty

Jane Austen meets Final Destination in a story from the author of Big Little Lies. Airline passengers encounter “The Death Lady,” who predicts how and when they will die. Is she right?

The Life Impossible

by Matt Haig

When Grace inherits her friend’s Ibiza home, she uproots her life, moves in, and quickly discovers a mystery behind her friend’s death that may be connected to Grace’s past.


by Sally Rooney

The Irish sensation delves again into Dublin’s millennials and their existential crises. Here, two brothers, reeling from the grief of their father’s passing, chase comfort with questionable women.


It’s A Gas

by Mark Miodownik

The author of Liquid Rules explores one of the most evasive substances in our world: gas. With insight and humor, he traces the effect of 12 types of gases on the planet and our psyche. You’ll leave this book with a better understanding of something you can’t see.

The Third Gilmore Girl

by Kelly Bishop

Fans of Gilmore Girls will recognize Kelly Bishop as Emily Gilmore, but they might not know — but will learn in this frank, generous memoir about a life in and out of the spotlight — that Bishop’s journey to stardom began on stage in the original cast of A Chorus Line, which landed her a Tony.

The Golden Road

by William Dalrymple

A historian and writer long focused on India reframes that nation’s historical significance by looking at its exports in ancient Asia — including religion, language, and innovation in art and architecture,  — and their deep and ongoing influence.


by Yuval Noah Harari

As humanity increasingly struggles with truth, fiction, and A.I., the Sapiens author probes how we — as individuals and civilizations — acquire, distill, and share information and offers insight into how we might forge a more humanity-centered future.

Life in the Key of G

by Kenny G

With humor and wisdom, one of the best-selling artists of all time gives a rare peek behind the curtain of his sax life. From high school performances for Barry White to the soundtrack for The Bodyguard and more, G forged an incredible and unlikely path.


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  1. Some intriguing selections here. For me, ‘Here One Moment’ and “It’s a Gas” would be my initial selections.


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