200th Anniversary Fiction

The Saturday Evening Post
has long been known for publishing great fiction. To mark the magazine’s 200th anniversary, we devoted much of our May/June 2021 issue to highlighting some of the best short stories and serials to have appeared in the Post — fiction from more than two dozen of the world’s greatest and most well-known writers, from commercial successes to Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners.

While we could only give you a taste of these stories in the print magazine, you can follow the links below to read the full stories as they originally appeared in print. These stories and more await your discovery in our expansive digital archive.

Click links in the first column to visit author pages, which list brief biographical information and other pieces by the author. Click links in the second column to read flipbooks of the stories that are available for everyone. Not all stories are available as flipbooks; follow links in the third column to open the complete issue in which a story appeared. (This access is available to Saturday Evening Post members only. If you’re a subscriber, you can verify your subscription here, to receive credentials to log in and view content available only to subscribers. If you’re not a member, please consider subscribing to the magazine today and gaining access to our complete magazine archive.)

Benét, Stephen Vincent The Devil and Daniel Webster October 24, 1936
Cather, Willa Jack-A-Boy March 30, 1901
Chandler, Raymond I’ll Be Waiting October 14, 1939
Cheever, John The Geometry of Love January 1, 1966
Christie, Agatha Murder in the Calais Coach September 30, 1933
Crane, Stephen The Sergeant’s Private Madhouse September 30, 1899
Faulkner, William The Bear May 9, 1942
Ferber, Edna The Woman Who Tried to be Good June 14, 1913
Fitzgerald, F. Scott Bernice Bobs Her Hair May 1, 1920
Harte, Bret The Mermaid of Lighthouse Point September 22, 1900
Heinlein, Robert A. The Green Hills of Earth February 8, 1947
Henry, O. The Ransom of Red Chief July 6, 1907
Hurston, Zora Neale Conscience of the Court March 18, 1950
Jackson, Shirley Strangers in Town May 30, 1959
L’Amour, Louis Booty for a Badman July 30, 1960
Lardner, Ring Alibi Ike July 31, 1915
le Carré, John Dare I Weep, Dare I Mourn January 28, 1967
Leonard, Elmore Moment of Vengeance April 21, 1956
Lewis, Sinclair Hobohemia April 7, 1917
London, Jack The Call of the Wild June 20, 1903
Parker, Dorothy An Apartment House Anthology August 20, 1921
Salinger, J.D. Last Day of the Last Furlough July 15,1944
Saroyan, William Madness in the Family June 17, 1967
Twain, Mark How I Edited an Agricultural Paper Once July 2, 1870
Tyler, Anne A Street of Bugles November 30, 1963
Wharton, Edith After Holbein May 5, 1928
Wister, Owen Superstition Trail October 26, 1901

The Saturday Evening Post continues its legacy of seeking out and highlighting new, engaging fiction within the pages of our magazine, in our weekly New Fiction Friday series, and through our annual Great American Fiction Contest.