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As the oldest magazine in the United States, The Saturday Evening Post has entertained, engaged, educated, and inspired generations of Americans. It has also offered a premier platform for advertisers.

With a history dating back to 1821, The Saturday Evening Post has earned an esteemed reputation for quality writing and celebrated art—particularly the work of illustrator Norman Rockwell.

Today, the Post continues its legacy. The magazine is drawing on its rich archives, which chronicle Americans’ ingenuity, perseverance, and spirit in adapting to the changing world. At the same time, the Post is tapping the creativity of America’s greatest writers, humorists, researchers, and illustrators to deliver a unique perspective on all aspects of American life: health, humor, fiction, finance, and a range of topics that offer advertisers and readers the best of America!

The Saturday Evening Post is cultivating new, expanded readership. This year, it will invest heavily to accelerate its growth and reinforce its editorial content with an advisory board of renowned experts in their fields.

The Post will continue to celebrate the best of America—past, present, and future—by drawing on its archives and traditions, and continuing to be a focal point for the nation.


The Saturday Evening Post offers tremendous value to its advertisers. Our high pass-along rate and two-month shelf life means that almost three million readers see each issue of the Post. We have remarkable resources to help you maximize your partnership with the Post through in-books and advertising opportunities, our Power of Partnering Alliance Programs, our Premium Insert Package Program, as well as custom licensing programs available using our extensive archives. The Saturday Evening Post reaches educated, older adults, and our marketing and sales teams are ready to develop a partnership that truly connects your products with this preferred demographic. Please contact us today to see what the Post can do for you.


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