Post Artists: Sarah Stilwell Weber

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Featured Image: Detail, Saturday Evening Post cover from November 2, 1918 (©SEPS)

Saturday Evening Post Time Capsule: September 1920 

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The Flapper, 1920 (Selznick Pictures Corporation, via Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license)
Oliver Lodge (Lafayette Ltd. via the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license)
Arthur Conan Doyle spirit photograph and poster (The Arthur Conan Doyle Encyclopedia)
Music: Wyoming Lullaby by Mayfair Dance Orchestra, 1920

Featured image: Everett Collection / Shutterstock

Movies for the Rest of Us with Bill Newcott: The Toronto International Film Festival

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Featured image: kchiu / Shutterstock

Saturday Evening Post History Minute: The Evolution of the Grocery Store from Corner Market to Colossus

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Featured image: Store clerk in Minneapolis (Library of Congress)

Post Artists: George Hughes, Norman Rockwell’s Anti-Muse

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Featured image: George Hughes / SEPS

Saturday Evening Post Time Capsule: November 1910

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Rockwell Video Minute: Missing Tooth

While painting a picture for a Crest toothpaste advertisement, Norman Rockwell’s young model gave him a great idea for a classic Saturday Evening Post cover.

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In the most recent issue of The Saturday Evening Post read about the importance of teaching history to our children and grandchildren, the untold story of Annie Oakley’s fierce rival, Hunter the rescue dog, plus books, recipes, health tips, everyday heroes, and more.

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