Poll: When Should the School Year Start?

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There was a time, fondly remembered by some, when the school year didn’t begin until after Labor Day. And there were good reasons for starting school in September back then, but times have changed — and so have start times.

In some states, the first day of class has inched farther and farther back into summer, and some counties have even adopted year-round schooling, choosing to distribute 3- to 4-week breaks throughout the year rather than taking months off during the summer.

We want to find out what you and other Post readers think:


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  1. I think school should start after Labor Day and stop before Memorial Day. My guess would be that the Department of Education is behind the ridiculous mandates and demands for X amount of days in school. The truth is, our schools produced better students before those mandates.
    On a more logical reason, it’s expensive to air condition schools and by adhering to the Labor Day – Memorial Day calendar, you would save a lot of money on utility bills.

  2. By September, I mean late Sept. This would mean starting the summer vacation in late June. Think around ‘the 20th’ for both months. Whenever I started school in Van Nuys/Encino/Sherman Oaks, it was like an oven, well after Labor Day which was terrible.

    I’m sure it was like that in other parts of the country too, yet in many, probably very nice fall weather soon after the start date. If I could have chosen October, I guess I would? With October though, there was “the look” of autumn coming in (to the extent we got it), but with the heat continuing. Usually in November things would finally be in sync.

    I had it easy compared to the ones now going back in early August?! Yikes!! As far as the year-round schooling goes, it would have its good and not so good points. On the latter, I think the continuity of learning would be disrupted, and the ‘back to school’ dread would be a few times per year rather than just once.


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