The Most Popular Videos of 2019

Here’s an overview of our most popular videos from our Rockwell Video Minute, History Minute, Time Capsule, and Movies for the Rest of Us series.

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1. Rockwell Video Minute: The Holdout

Norman Rockwell admired men and women who fearlessly stood by their convictions. Nowhere was that more evident than in his portrayal a jury’s lone dissenter.

2. Movies for the Rest of Us with Bill Newcott: 10 Great Movies That Weren’t Nominated for Oscars

Movie fans are outraged when their favorite film gets passed over for an Oscar nomination, but lots of classic pictures never came close to Oscar gold.

3. Rockwell Video Minute: Missing Tooth

Norman Rockwell often painted girls at turning points in their lives. In this 1957 cover, he captured a big step toward one childhood goal — growing up.

4. The Saturday Evening Post History Minute: The Post Office Porn Police 

In the 1870s, Anthony Comstock was appointed U.S. postal inspector and dedicated himself to ridding the mail of obscene material. He took his job very seriously.

5. Rockwell Video Minute: Coming and Going

Norman Rockwell pays tribute to the grandest of American traditions: the family road trip!

6. Saturday Evening Post Time Capsule: February 1950

The Saturday Evening Post’s coverage in February of 1950 included the communist threat, Ingrid Bergman, and…roller derby?

7. The Saturday Evening Post History Minute: Allied Troops’ Love-Hate Relationship with Axis Sally

You might have heard of the World War II radio propagandist Tokyo Rose, but did you know about the exploits of Axis Sally?

8. Saturday Evening Post Time Capsule: The Day Before D-Day

What was happening in the world on June 5, 1944: The day before D-Day?

9. Saturday Evening Post Time Capsule: September 1900

In 1900, phonographs were all the rage and the electric light bulb was gaining popularity. But another innovation was about to enter American homes. It was small, simple, and inexpensive, but it would forever change how Americans saw themselves.

10. Saturday Evening Post Time Capsule: March 1932

The Saturday Evening Post’s coverage in March of 1932 included stories on the rise of nationalism in Europe, fiction by Fitzgerald and Faulkner, and humor by Will Rogers. But the news that captured everyone’s attention was the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby.

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  1. I love them all too, but just want to add numbers 11 to 13 if I may? “The Goat Gland Doctor to the Stars,” “America’s Greatest Grifter” and “Chung Ling Soo”. I could add a few more to the list if you’d like, but it’s your move on the chess board.


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