The Most Popular Articles of 2019

At the beginning of 2019, we could have guessed that our most popular articles would feature a little bit of history, literature and art. But you also surprised us with your interest in Gen Con, movie theme songs, and candy! Here’s our list of the ten most popular articles we published in 2019. Enjoy!

1. The 50 Greatest TV Theme Songs of All Time: Live-Action


We’re warning you now: after reading this, you’ll be humming these theme songs all day.

2. The Case for Late Bloomers


Making too much of those who achieve success early — whether measured by college admission, a glamour job, money, or fame — can make it seem that the rest of us are destined to be also-rans for the rest of our lives.

3. Considering History: Myths and Realities of the Mexican-American Border

(Wikimedia Commons)

Many imagine the border between the U.S. and Mexico to be a consistent, stable entity, but history shows that this line – and the many debates that surround it – is prone to revision.

4. Killer in the White House

The White House
(Library of Congress)

For over twenty years a silent killer stalked the White House. Was this killer responsible for the death of three presidents?

5. How Dodge City Became the Ultimate Wild West


Fake news and smoking guns made the Kansas town a symbol of frontier lawlessness.

6. 11 Old Candies You Can’t Buy Anymore

(The Sweets Company of America, The Saturday Evening Post, 1920)

Like a dirty trick, these treats disappeared.

7. What We Can Learn from Gen Con

(A diorama of the game Marvel: Crisis Protocol by Atomic Mass Games. Photo by Troy Brownfield.)

Gen Con brings gamers, cosplayers, and other fandoms together. And we should follow their example.

8. The Creation of Nancy Drew

Cover for the Nancy Drew novel, The Secret of the Old Clock, by Carolyn Keene
(Detail from the cover of The Secret of the Old Clock by Carolyn Keene)

It took a tenacious, bold, independent writer to invent the fictional teen sleuth.

9. America’s First Opioid Epidemic

(“The countess, having taken a dose of laudanum nears death.” Engraving by Louis Gérard Scotin after William Hogarth, 1745. Wellcome Collection galleryCC-BY-4.0)

As the country struggles with a terrible opioid crisis, we remember a similar epidemic that raged through the U.S. in the 1800s.

10. How to Look at a Norman Rockwell Picture: Part 1 — Hands


David Apatoff takes a closer look at the details that make Norman Rockwell a true artist. He starts with Rockwell’s use of hands.

Featured image: ©SEPS

The Most Popular Cartoon Collections of 2018

As 2018 draws to a close, we share a list of our most popular cartoon collections from this past year. You got a laugh from golf, grownups, mammals and matrimony!

1. Golf—A Good Walk Spoiled

Golfer attempting to knock his golf ball out of a very rough patch of grass.

The game of golf has always been good for laugh!

2. Our Favorite Critters

A very obese cat sits on a kitchen counter next to a can opener and a pile of opened cat food cans. His owners stare at him.

Have you ever tried to keep raccoons out of the trash? Or had to deal with squirrels demanding birdseed? Our cartoonists have these animals pegged!

3. Campaign Comedy

A political office candidate gives a televised speech before a group of supporters.

Those television ads can drive you up a wall, but we somehow managed to find the silly side of campaigning.

4. Overheard at the Bar

Two men hold a conversation while taking shots at a bar.

We would never suggest our talented cartoonists spend a lot of time at bars, but they seem to overhear a lot of watering hole conversations.

5. Life’s Little Surprises

A angry housewife clobbers her husband in the head with an umbrella in anger after he bid $50,000 dollars on a small framed picture.

If life has taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected!

6. Play on Words

Policeman walks up to a truck delivering dictionaries.

Our cartoonists would like to have a word with you!

7. The Things Grown-ups Say!

Piano teacher scolding her student as they sit at a grand piano,

These adults tell it like it is!

8. The Funny Thing About Marriage…

A drowsy married couple chat with coffee

Marriage is a sacred institution that just might land you in an institution.

9. Kids Say the Darndest Things

Child talking to his father in the living room. The father is reading the paper and the kid is carrying a doctor's medical bag.

Our cartoonists know what Art Linkletter knew years ago: out of the mouths of babes… comes trouble.

10. The Nutty Neighbors

Man realizes he'd cut a pair of socks hanging from a clothes line while trimming the hedge.

They say good fences make good neighbors. These cartoons show that a good sense of humor helps, too!

The Most Popular Articles of 2018

At the beginning of 2018, we never would have guessed that our most popular articles would feature everything from cat meme photography to getting rid of the penny. Here’s our list of the ten most popular articles we published in 2018. Enjoy!

1. The Cat Meme Photographer from a Century Ago

(Harry Whittier Frees)

A prolific animal photographer pioneered lolcats at the height of postcard popularity.

2. 8 of History’s Most Destructive Lies

A man's long, Pinnocio nose slowly transforms into a murder of crows.

Some lies have more impact than others. Here are eight that caused untold damage.

3. Why Tattoos Are So Popular

A bearded man with wrist tattoos fixes his bowtie.

For many, it seems the body you’re born with is no more than a blank canvas in need of decoration.

4. Comedians in the White House: Our Favorite Jokes by Presidents

Presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and George W. Bush share a moment.
(Pete Souza/Official White House photo)

Here are our favorite quips from the comedians in the White House.

5. 10 History Facts You’re Probably Getting Wrong

Men burning accused witches at stakes.

To celebrate Popular Delusion Day, we dispel some delusions about history.

6. 7 Reasons to Get Rid of the Penny

A pile of United States pennies

There are a lot of compelling reasons to ditch the penny. Here are seven of them.

7. Let’s Keep the Funeral Tradition Alive

A woman holding a rose in front of a casket at a funeral.

Trendy alternatives to this rite of passage are nice to think about, but they fail to satisfy our basic emotional needs.

8. The Unknown World of Competitive Adult Figure Skating

A figure skater dances on ice during a performance.

This 49-year-old career woman works full-time, and she skates better than you.

9. 8 Weirdest Presidential Nicknames

Abraham Lincoln stands above a man he just thrown, staring down an astonished mob.
By Internet Archive Book Images [No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons
Most of us know about “Tricky Dick,” but can you identify “The Grand Wrestler” or “Big Steve”?

10. Political Violence and Mail Bombs 100 Years Ago

Police and onlookers in the aftermath of a bombing in a busy street.

The prospect of mail bombs has become an unsettling re-occurrence in American life.