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A confused man with a camera is standing in front of a huge hole in his living room wall. His wife is standing next to him, reading aloud the camera's instruction manual.
August 2, 2014

“Caution: Do not, under any circumstances, press the small red button on top of the camera…”... More

Two lawyers sit in an office; one of them speaks on the phone.
July 30, 2014

“The meek may inherit the earth… but not the mineral rights.”... More

An elderly couple sitting on a couch.
July 27, 2014

“How can you remember all those good old days and forget our anniversary?”... More

An elderly couple sitting on a couch.
July 26, 2014

“Now that we’re old and covered with wrinkles, they come out with the camera phone.”... More

A woman stands in front of weight scale while talking to her nurse.
July 23, 2014

“Take my blood pressure first… it usually goes up after I’m weighed.”... More

A school student talks to his teacher in a classroom.
July 18, 2014

“A spelling test? Surely they have software for that sort of thing!”... More

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