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Valentine Vision

Valentine Vision

Valentine’s Day is a day to appreciate the love in your life. Romantic or platonic, love is “what makes the world go round.” As a child, I recall exchanging valentines with classmates, followed by a small celebration. As a teenager, I remember one evening my dad and I were the only ones home (a rarity […]  More

Roses are Red

In the 17th century, “it was the Saint Valentine’s custom for a girl to declare her choice of sweethearts that morning, in the expectation of receiving a gift from him,” according to the article “Roses are Red” that appeared in the February 17, 1940 issue of The Saturday Evening Post. On Valentine’s Day, flowers, cards, […]  More

The Single Life

Poor Edna. Not only does this 1936 ad call her “pathetic”, it tells her quite bluntly the reason for her desperate single status is (gasp!) bad breath. One only hopes that she reads this ad before her birthday does creep toward “that tragic thirty-mark”. Makes you want to hang your head and cry with her, […]  More
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