The Most Popular Videos of 2020

Here are ten of your favorite short videos from this past year, featuring some of Rockwell’s best work, little-known historical moments, and fascinating snapshots of the past.

Politician slumps in his chair after losing an election
(Norman Rockwell / © SEPS)

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  1. 1. Rockwell Video Minute: The Tattoo Artist

    The humor in Norman Rockwell’s illustration, The Tattoo Artist, is not the amorous sailor, but the artist who has seen that love doesn’t always last, but tattoos do.

  2. 2. Saturday Evening Post History Minute: Using Photography to Fight Slavery

    Photography was still relatively young in the 1860s. But even then, as today, it revealed the ugly truths about America’s inequality and the power to inspire change.

  3. 3. Rockwell Video Minute: Freedom from Fear

    In creating his “Four Freedoms,” Rockwell’s challenge was to show the absence of fear in Americans’ lives. So he captured a moment of peace and security that most would recognize.

  4. 4. Saturday Evening Post Time Capsule: January 1917

    As America entered 1917, Jazz made its way to New York, Charlie Chaplin entertained in theaters, and Americans were prospering from the war. But the good times were about to come to an end.

  5. 5. Rockwell Video Minute: Arguing Politics Over Breakfast

    For the 1948 presidential race between Dewey and Truman, Norman Rockwell captured the political division across the nation, running straight through one couple’s kitchen.

  6. 6. Rockwell Video Minute: The Gossips

    How do you illustrate a rumor being passed around? Norman Rockwell figured out a way to do it in his painting of small-town scuttlebutt.

  7. 7. Saturday Evening Post Time Capsule: March 1946

    America was recovering from World War II, Churchill gave his famous “Iron Curtain” speech, and Jackie Robinson broke into Major League Baseball. Find out what else was happening in March of 1946.

  8. 8. Post Artists: George Hughes, Norman Rockwell’s Anti-Muse

    Artist George Hughes painted evocative images of middle-class, suburban life. He also acted as a sounding board for Norman Rockwell, who often did the exact opposite of what Hughes suggested.

  9. 9. Saturday Evening Post History Minute: The Greatest Political Comeback in American History

    The Saturday Evening Post looks at the presidential election of 1920 and how history has come to regard the candidates. If you measure them by their enduring legacy, you might be surprised.

  10. 10. Rockwell Video Minute: Elect Casey

    Rarely has Rockwell’s genius for narrative art been better displayed than on this cover of a politician comically stunned to learn he’s lost an election.

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