The Most Popular Cartoons of 2022

Here are your favorite cartoon sets of 2022.

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1. Soda Fountain Fun

We hope these soda fountain cartoons put the cherry on top of your day!

2. Back to School

These cartoons from the 1950s and ’60s are old school!

3. Disorder in the Court

We won’t judge you for laughing out loud.

4. Wedding Wisecracks

Holy matrimony!

5. Let’s Play Pool

Are you living on hell’s front porch this week? Escape the heat with our cool pool cartoons!

6. Lifeguard Laughs

Ocean, lake, or pool, these lifeguard cartoons rule!

7. You’re the Boss

We go back to a time when desks were large, clothes were uncomfortable, and smoking was allowed!

8. Times Are Tight

We can’t raise your paycheck, but we hope we can raise a smile!

9. Get Your Eyes Examined

When it comes to laughs, the eyes have it!

10. Comical Camping

These cartoons let you enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your couch!

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