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T. Keith Glennan

Our First Steps to the Stars

In 1959, the first administrator of a fledgling space program called NASA explained to America how the agency planned to land a man on the moon.  More

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space capsule
Our Plans for Outer Space

By T. Keith Glennan, Administrator, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, as told to Robert Cahn  The head of our new space agency describes our program to launch More

Lillian Russell
America Gets Weight Conscious

Excess fat was once regarded as a sign of beauty, maturity, prosperity, and protection against wasting disease like tuberculosis. But in the new century, values More

Fear of Fat

The concept of healthy eating was so new in 1916 that the author of this article needed to explain to Post readers what proteins and More

The Fate of Child Prodigies

People once believed that child prodigies grew up to be addle-brained, socially awkward weaklings who failed at life, but ground-breaking studies in the 1940s and More

Bad Manners on the Line

People staring at their smartphones during dinner or inconsiderately yakking away in public may be modern annoyances — but it’s only part of a long More


Popularity is poisonous, Dad says, encouraging his son not to place too much worth in the admiration of people his own age. Instead, focus on More

A man talking to his wife.
The Difficulty of Marriage

Dad wonders if his son will fall on his face when he is married, but decides that marriage is really just another kind of job More

A woman is inspecting her fiancee's tie.
Professionalism and Appearances

Dad’s “far-flung network of inscrutable spies” has reported that his son is, in short, a lazy slob, so Dad feels obligated to explain how to More

A salesman peddling his wares
Separated from Love

While his son suffers under the terrible taskmaster that is his new supervisor, Dad reveals the two words that can win almost any argument with More

Cooking tools on a wooden table
What Happened to Apple Pie?

Put off by the flavor (or lack of it) in mass-produced baked goods? Seems that concern has been around for quite some time, as evidenced More

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