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A Captured General Goes Free

How General Wainwright, WWII American hero held in Japanese POW camp, ended up on the USS Missouri to witness Japan’s surrender.  More

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Atomic bomb explosion during the Trinity test
The Birth of the Bomb

Inside the dedicated band of scientists who worked together in top secret to develop the world's first nuclear weapon. More

How to Become a Great Writer

When published in 1939, Alva Johnston suggested that there was perhaps no greater literary creation within the 20th century than Tarzan, brought to life by More

The Great Berlin Escapes

The world was stunned when the East German government began building a massive wall to imprison its people 54 years ago. But thousands refused to More

A Way with Women

The mixture of romance and fraud works on men as well as women. Marie Stanley bilked a whole string of wealthy Midwestern widowers and bachelor More

College men in dorm room
What’s the Matter with College?

Higher education draws as much media attention, and criticism, as other big businesses. Articles from the Post archive reveal the institution’s critics have been around More

U.S. servicemen in the Polish underground
Behind Enemy Lines

An eyewitness account of seven American fliers whose lives were saved by Poland's underground army. More

Bill Biega kissing his wife Lili Biega's hand
Freedom Fighters

6 patriotic Americans who served in the Polish underground finally achieve recognition More

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