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Truth and the Gunfighters

July 21st, according to American history books, is the anniversary of the first Western gunfight. On this date in 1865, James B. Hickok faced Davis Tutt in Springfield, Missouri. Following an argument over loaned money More

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What Went Wrong in Iran

The faces in the Tehran crowd are young, yet many are old enough to recall the last uprising in their country. Look a little closer More

In Memory of Farrah Fawcett

We remember American actress Farrah Fawcett for her strong spirit and courage as she met life’s challenges under the public eye. More

The Politics of Rage

As the election season advances and campaign rhetoric gets more heated, candidates will be tempted to make more attention-grabbing statements. More

More Than a Flag

It was proclaimed by President Wilson in 1916. It became official with an Act of Congress in 1949. It is “observed” today at all federal More

Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial
The First Memorial Day

The observation of Decoration Day, eventually renamed Memorial Day, gains new importance with each war, and our coverage of this commemorative occasion over the decades More

Playing Dirty Baseball

Before the days of performance-enhancing drugs, crafty pitchers were engaging in this less sophisticated form of cheating. More

Easter Madness

In the April, 9 1955, issue of The Saturday Evening Post, writer Rufus Jarman explores the parade’s fanciful behavior in “Manhattan’s Easter Madness.” More

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