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The Boy in the Box

Regarding “The Boy In The Box”

Back in February, when “The Boy in the Box” was posted, a reader responded with the suggestion that the victim was homeless. This explained, he wrote, why the child lived and died without leaving any trace, “invisible, unknown, unrecorded, and un-missed.” Recently, another reader took exception to the first reader’s assumption. According to Katie Sneeds, […] ... More
Regarding “A Voice From A Truly Violent Year”

Regarding “A Voice From A Truly Violent Year”

Commenting on this article, Mary A. Berger said, “We need to keep being reminded of the way things were a few years back, as well as the horror of more recent catastrophes . It’s amazing how the American spirit seems to gain strength after such terrible events. As the song says . . . ‘proud […] ... More

The Vast Wasteland

Television programming had never been worse. The quality of TV shows had been declining for years, but now it had reached an intolerable level. The decline had to stop said the FCC. The year was 1961. ... More
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