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Healthier by the Dozen

Some of your favorite foods can help you stay young and healthy. Ellie Krieger, registered dietician and host of Food Network’s Healthy Appetite, shares two full-flavored, rejuvenating recipes.  More

The Post Investigates: Cancer Vaccines

Cancer researcher Patrick Hwu, M.D., likes to think of the body’s immune system as the armed forces in charge of homeland defense and of tumor cells as homegrown terrorists. When everything is going well, the immune system recognizes malignant cells and destroys them. But like a general whose troops are not quite the crack soldiers […]  More

Spot On: Skin Exams Save Lives

If caught early, 99 percent of the one million cases of skin cancer diagnosed each year are curable. The American Academy of Dermatology is urging everyone to screen themselves and the people they love for skin cancer, especially the deadliest form, melanoma.  More
A Closer Look at Colon Cancer

A Closer Look at Colon Cancer

The FDA has approved a disposable imaging device that features a miniature “rear view mirror” to help physicians who perform colonoscopies better detect polyps on both sides of the colon. Data from a national study show that the Third Eye Retroscope detected 13 percent more polyps and 10.0 percent more adenomas than a standard colonoscopy […]  More

The Future of Medicine is Now

The inventor tinkering in a garage and coming up with a better mousetrap is a cherished American image. These days, that tinkering is likely to take place at a sophisticated computer or high-powered microscope. But no matter how they do their work, scientists continue to come up with ingenious and useful advances. Here are a […]  More
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