Cover Collections

Classrooms may have changed from pencils to PowerPoint, but the Saturday Evening Post has always been there to witness sending our kids back to school. 

The 1950s and '60s were a time of conformity, right? Well, leave it to Post cover artists to find the odd ones.

From luminaries like Stan the Man and Yogi Berra, to kids playing sandlot ball, The Saturday Evening Post knew no equal when it came to great baseball cover

Kick off the NFL season with classic Post covers spanning six decades of football, from childhood to college and the pros.

The Post celebrates Halloween with some of our spookiest, witchiest, most pumpkiny covers. Members can visit our complete cover archive to see all of our covers.

It's as true today as it was in 1934. Nothing is better on a warm spring day than riding through the neighborhood on your bicycle.

These classic Saturday Evening Post covers show what happens when you mix kids and doctors. Results may vary!

The weather may be dreary, but these rainy day Post covers will make you feel cheery!

Many of the covers of The Saturday Evening Post were painted by Norman Rockwell—322 in all—but not all of our covers were Rockwells! Can you tell which of these covers are Norman Rockwell originals and which aren’t? We’ve removed the artists’ signatures to make it more challenging.

From the lighthouses of Maine to the majestic Cascades of Oregon, The Saturday Evening Post has represented every state on its cover. Here are 50 of our favorites.

Trapeze artists, clowns, elephants... the exotic magic of the circus has long been a part of the American tradition. These colorful illustrations capture the spirit of the Big Top.

Whether you're a die-hard train buff, a transportation geek, or merely a weary commuter, trains have long played a major role in American life. These covers — from as early as 1901 — reflect our love affair with locomotives.

Whether it’s work, weltschmerz, or worm farming woes, we all experience insomnia about something at some point in our lives. Here are some of our favorite covers of the things that keep us up at night.