• Valerie

    Contemporary Fiction


    While working as a temp in an insurance agency, an amateur-pro photographer meets Valerie, who has a proclivity for lousy choices in boyfriends.

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  • Sullivan, Indiana in 1939

    World War II Blog

    Everyday Life in 1939

    European war dominated national front-page headlines in 1939. But on the local front, a vanishing murderer, duck hunting season, and menacing grass fires trumped war-torn stories from overseas.

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  • Moving Day

    Cover Artists

    George Hughes

    George Hughes, who created 115 Post covers, was an Arlington, Vermont, neighbor of Norman Rockwell.

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  • Paris, Winter 1914 Fashion

    World War I Blog

    The Great War: October 24, 1914

    A former prime minister pleads his country’s case, a journalist shares his POW story, and American fashionistas cope with Parisian withdrawal.

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  • Hard Lesson

    Contemporary Fiction

    Hard Lesson

    The education of Esther Campbell begins at Karloff University, New England’s most prestigious college of horror.

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